Building Operations Specialist...

Job Goal
Maintain and support the daily building operations of ESC 6 facilities

High School or Equivalent

Prior experience in the operation and maintenance of commercial or school type buildings

Special Knowledge or Skills
  • Ability to plan, facilitate and maintain the operation and maintenance of the ESC 6 facilities
  • Have the ability to communicate effectively and work as a team member
  • Knowledge and the ability to perform minor building repairs, painting techniques, air handler maintenance, building safety procedures, and cleaning procedures for building and grounds
  • Ability to operate maintenance equipment, move office furniture, set up meeting room tables and chairs, lift & move heavy items, and be able to use ladders safely
  • Knowledge of mail metering, shipping, and receiving process
Major Responsibilities
  • Assist in planning, facilitating the operations and maintenance of the ESC 6 facilities
  • Complete the daily operations task including meeting room set up for professional development sessions
  • Operate the Postage Machine for processing all US mail from the ESC
  • Handle shipping and receiving of mail, packages, and routing to departments in the ESC
  • Assist in facilitating, planning, and scheduling the meetings rooms to meet the needs of Region 6 staff
  • Open or close meeting room walls, set up tables, chairs, and room arrangements, for workshops and meetings
  • Perform cleaning procedures, routine maintenance, and painting repairs of the building as needed
  • Assist in regulating heat, ventilation, and air conditioning system, and complete routine maintenance
  • Assist in minor facilities repairs and maintenance
  • Assist in opening and closing of Region 6 facilities as necessary, during regular hours and or after hours when needed
  • Assist in managing inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment
  • Facilitate and assist in moving of furniture or equipment within the building as needed  
  • Facilitate and assist in the loading and unloading of boxes, supplies, and materials  
  • Other duties may be assigned  
Supervisory Responsibilities:  None

Equipment Used:
  Standard building operations equipment.

Working Conditions:
  Work on multiple tasks with frequent interruptions. Lifting and moving office/workshop equipment and shipping boxes.

Pay will be commensurate with experience