High Impact Tutoring Specialist...

Job Goal: Provide professional development and consulting services on complex issues to districts involving independent judgment and discretion in the area of the High Impact Tutoring initiative.  

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university in area related to the position.  
Certified In:
  • Valid Texas Teachers Certification in content area, as appropriate. Preferred experience in leadership at the campus or district level.  
  • A minimum of three years teaching experience in public or private schools
  • Appropriate experience and training in instructional, curriculum, staff development, and coordination functions
  • Communication and presentation skills. 
Special Knowledge/Skills:
  • Significant demonstrable experience in teaching, administration, or leadership
  • Ability to make informed decisions related to staff development
  • Experience using technology in the classroom
  • Skills presenting to and teaching adult learners
  • Compliance reporting and metrics

Major Responsibilities or Duties:
  • Serves as primary point of contact and project manager for High Impact Tutoring initiative within ESC 6
  • Provide professional development to LEAs in best practices for successful creation and implementation of High Impact Tutoring programs
  • Assist districts in setting the vision and strategy for their High Impact Tutoring initiative
  • Facilitate LEAs in assembling key personnel to make up local High Impact Tutoring teams
  • Assist LEA site managers in setting up systems for successful High Impact Tutoring programs, such as scheduling, food, transportation, etc.
  • Regularly convene LEA leadership to share updates on progress
Supervisory Responsibilities:  None