School Improvement Lead Rev...

Job Goal: School Improvement Leads are full time positions that coordinate all school improvement activities for each district and campus in Region 6 ESC that is engaged in school improvement interventions. The coordination required will vary according to the specific needs of the district and/or campus. Lead position is a position dedicated solely to school improvement in Region 6 ESC.

  • Campus/district level experience a must for the position. Individuals that have experience leading campuses or school districts that exhibited high academic performance are best suited for the position of ESC School Improvement Lead. 
  • Recent experience at the campus/district leadership level is preferred.
  • Texas Principal Certification. District or Campus Administration Experience.
Special Knowledge and Skills:
  • Possess leadership skills required to lead the development of a collaborative approach to school improvement
  • Possess expertise in planning, implementing, and managing improvement efforts at the campus/district level.
  • Has a full understanding of the state accountability system as well as the federal system of accountability.
  • Has the expertise needed to stay abreast of any changes in either the state or federal accountability systems.
  • Has the ability to develop and lead staff development for a variety of groups. Accepts the responsibility of being accountable for the success of campuses/districts in school improvement.
  • Has the ability to work with adult learners
  • Has recent leadership and management experience.
  • Is a change agent that can work with groups with divergent thinking.
  • Maintains result-orientation.
  • Skilled in the use of data to improve academic performance.
  • Practices strong communication skills.
  • Operates from a sense of urgency in implementing the school improvement efforts required.
  • Has the ability to provide positive and critical feedback to all involved.
  • Is willing to attend many meetings related to school improvement across the Region.
  • Has the flexibility to make changes to plans identified as being less efficient. Knows how to recognize and celebrate success.
  • Has knowledge of school improvement requirements set forth in statute
Major Responsibilities:
  • Participates in all meetings, training, and other sessions involving school improvement in their assigned schools.
  • Assist in the development of specific training based on identified needs. Participates in any turnaround state required school improvement trainings, including but not limited to ESF training, Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) training.
  • Assists in T-TESS training for ESC School Improvement Team members.
  • Participates in all site visits with Executive Director and Deputy Director for the purpose of creating a sense of urgency around school improvement.
  • Develops expectations for ESC staff assigned to SI campuses and districts. Assigns appropriate ESC staff to SI campuses and districts.
  • Develops and monitors feedback process for assigned ESC staff to SI campuses/districts.
  • Serve as liaison with Texas Education Agency.
  • Reviews and provides feedback on all Targeted Improvement Plans and Turnaround Plans.
  • Works closely with DCSI and campus principal at designated campuses to analyze campus data, develop required improvement plans, complete submission requirements and monitor plan implementation.
  • Leads all ESF Diagnostic Reviews for assigned SI campuses.
  • Monitors progress and effectiveness of school improvement efforts across the Region.