Component Director- Computer Services...

Job Goal: To manage the department operations including budget preparation, managing expenditures, maintaining and encouraging of department staff and maintaining a relationship with member schools.

• Bachelor's Degree in Business, MIS or Education
• Working knowledge of both TxEIS and PEIMS (in student and business applications)
• Strong technology background

Special Knowledge & Skills:
• Planning, organization and public relations skills.
• Working experience with public school’s data processing programs and requirements.
• Working knowledge of school accounting, budgeting and reporting procedures preferred.
• Have the ability to supervise people, communicate effectively and work as a team member.

Major Responsibilities:
• Oversee the daily operations of the support and training of Region 6 school districts' student and financial data.
• Manage department staffing.
• Coordinate the flow of accounting and student data for the participating schools.
• Coordinate the flow of all Region 6 PEIMS data.
• Prepare and manage the Computer Services department budget.
• Travel as required to perform necessary duties.
• Participate in staff development activities as designated by Region 6 Administration and Policy.
 • Perform other duties as may be assigned.

Terms of Employment:  Pay will be commensurate with experience