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  • Department Secretary for Special Programs

    Job Goal Serve as primary support for the Special Programs, Compliance, and Monitoring Department by providing assistance to various programs, maintaining all department purchasing documentation, shared service arrangement documentation and ensuring that all internal and external procedures and procurement policies are followed.  

    High school diploma or equivalent  

    Post-secondary education or professional training preferred

    Minimum 3 years job-related experience in a professional setting

    Special Knowledge and Skills
    High degree of professionalism including strong organizational, communication, and public relations skills

    Ability to establish rapport and work in collaboration with public school, ESC, and state personnel

    Strong computer skills including experience with Microsoft Office and Google Suites

    Ability to collaborate and work effectively with diverse personalities

    Self-directed and able to work on multiple tasks effectively with minimal supervision

    Ability to set up databases and maintain impeccable documentation

    Major Responsibilities and Duties
    Serve as lead secretary and customer service point of contact for the department

    Utilize internal software for all department purchasing

    Maintain all purchasing documentation for the department

    Maintain all internal and external required program paperwork and program documentation and submit by requested deadlines

    Assist specialists with workshop prep and follow up using ESCWorks

    Work with specialists and the business office for fee service billing and invoicing

    Attend and assist with organizing internal meetings

    Attend relevant meetings and training for professional growth as applicable

    Follow all federal, state, and ESC guidelines, policies, and procedures.

    Other duties as may be assigned

    Fund source Grants
    Assist specialists with maintaining budget and purchasing documentation for grant expenditures, including flow-through documentation

    Prepare and process flow-through purchases

    Follow guidelines and reporting deadlines provided by the TEA

    Supervisory Responsibilities

    Equipment Used

    General office equipment  

    Working Conditions
    Work on multiple tasks with frequent interruptions

    Maintain emotional control under stress

    Occasional prolonged or irregular hours

    Occasional lifting

    Work with diverse personalities

    Occasional travel

    Pay will be commensurate with experience

  • Graphic Designer

    Job Goal
    To design/develop/implement/maintain online projects in Eduhero and create graphics and projects that support the educational goals of the ESC.

    Employment with Region 6 ESC is considered to be at-will employment and may be terminated by Region 6 ESC at any time due to reduction in funds, non-renewal of grant funding, other financial contingency, or any other legal reason.

    Bachelors degree in graphic design, art, or related field required.


    Special Knowledge and Skills
    Highly enthusiastic, flexible, and dynamic individual comfortable working in a fast-paced growth environment on multiple projects and deadlines

    Capable of taking the initiative; making recommendations on the best approach in terms of scoping, design, and scripting, and following through with action

    Proven instruction design skills, ability to identify an engaging and compelling design approach to achieve project and learning objectives; ability to apply/develop sound instructional models

    Strong analytical skills, ability to review large volumes of information and make informed decisions about priorities and treatment of materials

    Strong communication skills; capable of explaining the rationale of decisions to SMEs/clients, communicating progress and updates to clients and colleagues, communicating design aspects and requirements to graphic designers and technical team members

    Strong IT capabilities in a range of MS Office applications, comfortable learning new applications including e-learning authoring tools and graphics application packages (Captivate, Presenter, Photoshop, Illustrator)

    Ability to work on multiple tasks with minimal supervision

    Ability and willingness to work independently and as a team member

    Willingness and ability to gain and maintain any required competencies, such as:

    Training and experience in the use of computers and other technologies,  including software, telecommunications/video conferencing equipment, and interactive technologies

    Online course development, Mobile Application development, and Game

    Experience in developing authoring tools and working with LMS/CMSs (e.g., Articulate, Captivate, Flash, Moodle, other open-source LMS/CMS) and their capabilities

    Experience with project plan development

    Experience in print design

    Experience in professional graphic design

    Major Responsibilities and Duties
    Liaises with subject matter experts (SMEs) /clients to identify performance and training requirements

    Sets and maintains design standards on e-learning projects

    Defines the learning approach and selects the authoring approach for SMEs/client needs

    Explains design approach to SMEs/clients, making adjustments where necessary to ensure design approach is both effective from a learner perspective and from a time and cost perspective

    Manages design on a portfolio of projects, taking accountability for providing design is to set standards, meets SME/Client requirements, and meets time and budget expectations for the project

    Ensures projects are delivered on time and budget

    Contributes to the development of design team through coaching, mentoring, and line management of instructional designers, including facilitation of internal training and knowledge sharing sessions.

    Collaborates with technology integration developers and specialists on graphic design, best practices, and development of products, services, and support

    Assists with customer service and client satisfaction

    Assists in the management of the budgets and contracts

    Willingness to travel

    Other duties as assigned

    Supervisory Responsibilities

    Equipment Used:
    General office equipment

    Working Conditions
    Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
    ○ Work on multiple tasks with frequent interruptions
    ○ Maintain emotional control under stress
    ○ Occasional prolonged hours
    ○ Occasional lifting
  • Building Custodian - Part Time

    Primary Purpose:
    Clean and maintain district facilities using routine procedures to maintain a high standard of safety, cleanliness, and efficiency of building operations and grounds.
    Qualifications: None Specified
    None specified
    Special Knowledge/Skills:
    Ability to read and understand instructions for cleaning, maintenance, and safety procedures
    Knowledge of minor repair techniques and building and grounds maintenance
    Ability to operate cleaning equipment and lift heavy equipment
    Ability to properly handle cleaning supplies
    Preferred a minimum of 3-5 years building custodial experience
    Major Responsibilities and Duties:
    1. Maintain a cleaning schedule that will include cleaning of floors, wastebaskets, windows, furniture, equipment, and restrooms.
    2. Keep building and grounds, including sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and play areas, neat and clean.
    3. Comply with local laws and procedures for the storage and disposal of trash.
    4. Assist in maintaining an inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment and request additional supplies as needed.
    Maintenance and Repair
    5. Assist with room setup, including arranging tables and chairs.
    6. Perform preventive maintenance to ensure the comfort, health, and safety of staff. Make minor building repairs as needed and report major repair needs to the supervisor.
    7. Regulate heat, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to provide appropriate temperatures and ensure economical usage of fuel, water, and electricity.
    8. Move furniture or equipment within the building as directed by the supervisor.
    9. Assist in setting up facilities for special events.
    10. Assist with opening and closing building each workday checking to ensure that all exit doors are open and all panic bolts are working properly during hours of building occupancy. Follow established procedures for locking, checking, and safeguarding facilities.
    11. Inspect machines and equipment for safety and efficiency.
    12. Follow established safety procedures and techniques to perform job duties, including lifting, and climbing. Operate tools and equipment according to established safety procedures.
    13. Correct unsafe conditions in the work area and promptly report any conditions that are not immediately correctable to the supervisor.
    14. Follow district safety protocols and emergency procedures.
    Supervisory Responsibilities:
    Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
    Tools/Equipment Used: Buffer, stripper, wet and dry vacuum cleaner, electric drill, hand tools, shampooer, lawnmower, edger, and weed eater.
    Posture: Frequent standing, sitting, kneeling/squatting, bending/stooping, pushing/pulling, and twisting
    Motion: Frequent walking, climbing stairs/ladders, grasping/squeezing, wrist flexion/extension, reaching, and overhead reaching
    Lifting: Heavy lifting and carrying (45 pounds and over) on a daily basis
    Environment: Work outside and inside, on slippery or uneven walking surfaces; frequent exposure to extreme hot and cold temperatures, dust, toxic chemicals and materials; regularly work irregular hours; occasional prolonged hours
    Mental Demands: Maintain emotional control under stress

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