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  • Adult Education Department Support Staff

    Job Goal
    To provide support level services for the Adult Education Department. Perform support duties for adult education staff to assist in coordinated efforts with all programs. Maintain and provide accurate records and minutes to all meetings. Perform support duties to assist in meeting department goals and objectives.

    High School Diploma or Equivalent

    • Minimum 3 years experience in general office procedures
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office
    • Proficient in Google Suite
    • Proficient in Adobe
    Special Knowledge & Skills
    • Strong public relations skills
    • Answer phone calls to the Adult Education Department (AED) with professionalism and courtesy
    • Works well with others as a team member
    • Ability to handle multiple tasks with minimal supervision
    • Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
    • Demonstrated skills in writing and editing
    • Strong computer proficiency and software application experience
    Major Responsibilities
    • To provide administrative assistance to the Component Director and Program Specialists with the Adult Education department
    • To assist the PD Coordinator in collecting, documenting, and filing required paperwork for professional development for AEL staff, including generating contracts and deliverables for external consultants.
    • To assist the Education Opportunity Connector Lead in compiling minutes, coordinate client requested information, and refer customers to AEL Providers accordingly.
    • Assist department Administrative Assistant with professional development and travel, including expense reports, hotel and airline reservations, etc.
    • Assist AED staff with written correspondence and fliers announcing services or events
    • Assist in preparation and timelines of monthly, quarterly, or yearly AED reports
    • Maintain AED personnel's staff development files and assist in ensuring the files match the TEAMS system for each staff member
    • Pick up and disseminate AED mail
    • Work closely with the PD Coordinator and Component Director to schedule workshops and meetings for the AED
    • Serve as requested or appointed on internal committees of ESC 6
    • Prepare Purchase Orders and Payment Authorizations for the AED department
    • Assist in preparation of other reports as required by ESC, TWC, HGAC, or other state agency
    • Organize and develop a method for a user-friendly filing system
    • Provide reports, spreadsheets, or other documents related to each program as requested
    • Write announcements, newsletters, and advertising materials; prepare letters, posters, leaflets, and other recruitment materials for submission to local media and the general distribution to the adult population. (All written materials to be approved by the program director prior to distribution) Operate a variety of office equipment including copier, fax, and other machines
    • Perform other related duties as may be assigned
    Supervisory Responsibilities

    Equipment Used
    • General Office equipment
    • Printers, fax machines, copy machines, scanners, telephone
    Working Conditions
    • Normal office conditions
    • Work on multiple tasks
    • Prolonged computer use
    • Work with frequent interruptions
    • Occasional lifting
    • Work with multiple staff
    • Minimal travel
    Terms of Employment
    Pay will be commensurate with experience

    The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required. Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the Board’s Policy and the Education Service Center’s Procedures for the Evaluation of Personnel.
  • Building Operations Specialist

    Job Goal
    Maintain and support the daily building operations of ESC 6 facilities

    High School or Equivalent

    Prior experience in the operation and maintenance of commercial or school type buildings

    Special Knowledge or Skills
    • Ability to plan, facilitate and maintain the operation and maintenance of the ESC 6 facilities
    • Have the ability to communicate effectively and work as a team member
    • Knowledge and the ability to perform minor building repairs, painting techniques, air handler maintenance, building safety procedures, and cleaning procedures for building and grounds
    • Ability to operate maintenance equipment, move office furniture, set up meeting room tables and chairs, lift & move heavy items, and be able to use ladders safely
    • Knowledge of mail metering, shipping, and receiving process
    Major Responsibilities
    • Assist in planning, facilitating the operations and maintenance of the ESC 6 facilities
    • Complete the daily operations task including meeting room set up for professional development sessions
    • Operate the Postage Machine for processing all US mail from the ESC
    • Handle shipping and receiving of mail, packages, and routing to departments in the ESC
    • Assist in facilitating, planning, and scheduling the meetings rooms to meet the needs of Region 6 staff
    • Open or close meeting room walls, set up tables, chairs, and room arrangements, for workshops and meetings
    • Perform cleaning procedures, routine maintenance, and painting repairs of the building as needed
    • Assist in regulating heat, ventilation, and air conditioning system, and complete routine maintenance
    • Assist in minor facilities repairs and maintenance
    • Assist in opening and closing of Region 6 facilities as necessary, during regular hours and or after hours when needed
    • Assist in managing inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment
    • Facilitate and assist in moving of furniture or equipment within the building as needed  
    • Facilitate and assist in the loading and unloading of boxes, supplies, and materials  
    • Other duties may be assigned  
    Supervisory Responsibilities:  None

    Equipment Used:
      Standard building operations equipment.

    Working Conditions:
      Work on multiple tasks with frequent interruptions. Lifting and moving office/workshop equipment and shipping boxes.

    Pay will be commensurate with experience
  • Project Assistant

    Job Goal
    To provide assistance to the Lesson Study Department in handling work required for clerical and customer support services. Assists program manager and facilitators in the Texas Lesson Study (TXLS) project.Qualifications Project Assistant

    High School Diploma or equivalent


    • A minimum of three (3) years experience supporting a department or a team with a proven track      record of positive results
    • Computer experience including Google, Microsoft Office, databases,
      and spreadsheets
    • General Office or secretarial experience
    • Customer service experience

    Special Knowledge & Skills:
    • Ability to handle multiple tasks with minimal supervision
    • Ability to use a computer to produce emails, databases, and spreadsheets
    • Ability to establish rapport and work in collaboration with ESC staff
    • Ability to use technology effectively
    • Ability to foster effective working relationships with a variety of
      individuals and groups, internal and external to the ESC - public relations skills
    • Ability to maintain and retrieve critical relevant information so that it is
      readily available when needed
    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
    • Ability to develop an action plan and execute effectively on tasks,including strong                organizational skills
    • Ability to identify problems, evaluate alternatives, and implement effective solutions
    • Ability to encourage and support those you work with

    Essential Job Functions:
    • Corresponds with stakeholders and staff to meet program objectives and deadlines
    • Coordinates and facilitates logistics, supporting staff
    • Coordinates contracts and special projects
    • Collects, aggregates, and reports various data metrics
    • Assist in budget processes such as invoicing, amendments, requisitions, purchase orders, payment    authorizations, contracts, and other tasks
    • Facilitate conference and travel arrangements
    • Support departmental initiatives, including office administrative duties
    • Provide basic troubleshooting and customer service support
    • Assist with planning calendars
    • Perform secretarial/clerical tasks associated with the program or departmental activities and      operations
    • Other duties as assigned

    Pay will be commensurate with experience

  • Graphic Designer

    Job Goal
    To design/develop/implement/maintain online projects in Eduhero and create graphics and projects that support the educational goals of the ESC.

    Employment with Region 6 ESC is considered to be at-will employment and may be terminated by Region 6 ESC at any time due to reduction in funds, non-renewal of grant funding, other financial contingency, or any other legal reason.

    Bachelors degree in graphic design, art, or related field required.


    Special Knowledge and Skills
    Highly enthusiastic, flexible, and dynamic individual comfortable working in a fast-paced growth environment on multiple projects and deadlines

    Capable of taking the initiative; making recommendations on the best approach in terms of scoping, design, and scripting, and following through with action

    Proven instruction design skills, ability to identify an engaging and compelling design approach to achieve project and learning objectives; ability to apply/develop sound instructional models

    Strong analytical skills, ability to review large volumes of information and make informed decisions about priorities and treatment of materials

    Strong communication skills; capable of explaining the rationale of decisions to SMEs/clients, communicating progress and updates to clients and colleagues, communicating design aspects and requirements to graphic designers and technical team members

    Strong IT capabilities in a range of MS Office applications, comfortable learning new applications including e-learning authoring tools and graphics application packages (Captivate, Presenter, Photoshop, Illustrator)

    Ability to work on multiple tasks with minimal supervision

    Ability and willingness to work independently and as a team member

    Willingness and ability to gain and maintain any required competencies, such as:

    Training and experience in the use of computers and other technologies,  including software, telecommunications/video conferencing equipment, and interactive technologies

    Online course development, Mobile Application development, and Game

    Experience in developing authoring tools and working with LMS/CMSs (e.g., Articulate, Captivate, Flash, Moodle, other open-source LMS/CMS) and their capabilities

    Experience with project plan development

    Experience in print design

    Experience in professional graphic design

    Major Responsibilities and Duties
    Liaises with subject matter experts (SMEs) /clients to identify performance and training requirements

    Sets and maintains design standards on e-learning projects

    Defines the learning approach and selects the authoring approach for SMEs/client needs

    Explains design approach to SMEs/clients, making adjustments where necessary to ensure design approach is both effective from a learner perspective and from a time and cost perspective

    Manages design on a portfolio of projects, taking accountability for providing design is to set standards, meets SME/Client requirements, and meets time and budget expectations for the project

    Ensures projects are delivered on time and budget

    Contributes to the development of design team through coaching, mentoring, and line management of instructional designers, including facilitation of internal training and knowledge sharing sessions.

    Collaborates with technology integration developers and specialists on graphic design, best practices, and development of products, services, and support

    Assists with customer service and client satisfaction

    Assists in the management of the budgets and contracts

    Willingness to travel

    Other duties as assigned

    Supervisory Responsibilities

    Equipment Used:
    General office equipment

    Working Conditions
    Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
    ○ Work on multiple tasks with frequent interruptions
    ○ Maintain emotional control under stress
    ○ Occasional prolonged hours
    ○ Occasional lifting
  • Web Developer

    Job Goal
    Manage the current Eduhero platform and assist heavily in the development of Eduhero+. Eduhero is an established online, on-demand professional development platform. Serve as technical lead responsible for potential web development needs.

    Bachelors’ degree in computer science or related field qualifications preferred.

    Major Responsibilities
    Manage the current Eduhero platform. Full-Stack Development of Eduhero+. Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs. Manage and Maintain AWS infrastructure for maximum speed and scalability. Follow and uphold best practice design standards for online and on-demand learning. Write well-abstracted, reusable, and efficient code. Leverage industry and technology trends to build new features and products. Ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders.

    Designing, developing architecture, and implementing web applications; developing object-oriented applications; responsive design and mobile compatibility standards; Angular JS and Build Tools; API architecture and HTTP methods, including building Web APIs; Web Service Models; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles preferred; project plan development; HTML/HTML5/XHTML, CSS/CSS3, PHP/MySQL, Javascript; best development practices; database systems; full-stack development framework; data analysis. Knowledge of AWS Infrastructure including EC2, RDS, EFS, Load Balancers, and Security Groups.

    Special Knowledge
    & Skills
    Capable of taking initiative, making recommendations on the best approach in terms. Skills of development, design, programming, and management. Strong communication skills. Excellent writing and editing skills, with proven ability to write a range of technical, instructional, educational materials in different contexts. Stronanalytical skills, ability to review large volumes of information and make informed decisions about priorities and treatment of materials. Ability to work on multiple tasks with minimal supervision. Ability and willingness to work independently and as a team member.
    Willingness and ability to gain and maintain any required competencies, such as training and experience in using computers and other technologies, telecommunications/video conferencing equipment, and interactive technologies. Problem diagnosis and creative problem-solving skills.    

    Terms of Employment
    Pay will be commensurate with experience. This is an in-person position in Huntsville, Texas.

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