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  • Safety Education & Building Operations Specialist

    Job Goal

    Development and implementation of the School Bus Safety Train ing 101 TxDOT grant and provide support in region-wide programs that will lead to safe and careful drivers throughout the Region 6 service area and the state as well as assist Facilities Coordinator in overseeing the daily operations of the facilities to provide quality services to Region 6 clients and staff.

    • Bachelor's Degree in Education or related field
    • Texas School Bus Driver Training Certification (Preferred)
    • Class A Commercial Driver's License (Preferred)
    • Minimum three years of School Bus Safety Training and School Transportation experience.
    • Prior experience/knowledge of building maintenance tasks
    Special Knowledge & Skills

    • High degree of professionalism including strong public relations skills.
    • Ability to establish rapport and work in collaboration with public school and ESC personnel
    • Strong presentation skills.
    • Has the ability to communicate effectively and work as a team member.
    • Ability to work on multiple tasks with minimal supervision.
    • Ability to use technology effectively.
    • Provide professional development to School Bus Drivers, Driver Trainers, & Transportation Personnel
    • Have current knowledge of Public-School Transportation operation
    • Have current knowledge of Texas Bus driver requirements.
    • Have current knowledge, Texas Bus Driver Training curriculum, School Bus laws, legislation, and any requirements set by the state.
    • Keep accurate participant records.
    • Ability to operate and maintain school bus simulator.
    • Current Knowledge of traffic laws related to school buses and the transportation of students'
    • Ability to plan, facilitate and assist in the operation and maintenance of the Region 6 facilities.
    • Knowledge of minor repair techniques for the building and grounds maintenance.
    • Knowledge of and the ability to communicate the need for cleaning, maintenance, and safety procedures to the Internal Operations Facilities Coordinator.
    • Ability to operate maintenance equipment and lift heavy items.
    • Must have a safe driving record
    Major Responsibilities or Duties

    • TxDOT School Bus Safety Training 101 - Collaborate with School Transportation Directors on proposed training topics and materials used in School Bus Safety Training 101 workshops
    • TxDOT School Bus Safety Training 101 - Train transportation personnel in the region 6 service area and across state when applicable.
    • TxDOT School Bus Safety Training 101 - Assist in the development and implementation of School Bus Safety Training 101 statewide workshops, resource guide, and simulation
    • TxDOT School Bus Safety Training 101 - Continue to Schedule Workshops, Recruit, and Train School Bus Transportation Personnel with the developed Simulation curriculum and resource material.
    • TxDOT School Bus Safety Training 101 - Adhere to TxDOT objectives, guidelines, deadlines, and reporting.
    • TxDOT School Bus Safety Training 101 - Attend meetings and trainings directly related to the School Bus Safety Training 101 Program
    • Maintain School Bus Simulator Trailer and Software Unit
    • Teach assigned bus driver 20-Hour Certification and 8-Hour Re-Certification courses and maintain course records.
    • Assist with marketing and scheduling the 20-hou and 8-hour courses in Region 6.
    • Market all Safety Education Programs to school districts.
    • Assist Facilities Coordinator in planning, facilitating, and overseeing the daily operations and maintenance of the Region 6 facilities.
    • Assist in the daily operations of the Professional Development Center through the setup of furniture, room arrangement, and associated tasks.
    • Assist in Facilitating the scheduling of the meetings rooms to meet the needs of Region 6 staff.
    • Verify the daily cleaning and maintenance of the PDC. Including cleaning and maintenance of assigned area when needed.
    • Assist in Regulating heat, ventilation, and air conditioning system to provide temperatures and ensure economical usage of fuel, water, and electricity.
    • Assist in Minor facilities repairs.
    • Assist in establishing procedures for locking, and safeguarding Region 6 facilities.
    • Assist in Opening and closing of Region 6 facilities each day, as necessary, during regular hours and or after hour's usage of building when needed.
    • Assist in managing inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment and order additional supplies as needed.
    • Assist in moving of furniture or equipment within building as needed.
    • Assist in the loading and unloading of boxes, supplies, and materials.
    • Other duties as may be assigned.

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